About Kevin

Hi! I am a pro photographer. My grandfather was a pro photographer. My great grandfather was a photographer. You might say photography is “in my blood!”

I have loved photography for a lot of years (several decades actually). I worked in the high tech world for a couple of decades as a software engineer but my first love was always photography and teaching photography. The first photography class I ever taught was in 1978 while I was still in college.

Intermittently through my years as a software engineer I organized several community photography groups (and still do), but I transitioned over to full-time pro photography about 15 years ago and I have a full service studio and have led countless workshops on all levels of photography, both in-person classes and online classes and some really fun destination workshops like my Rocky Mountain Photography Workshops.

My experience I bring to the world of photography teaching is a combination of years of experience both as an instructor and as a full time pro, and I have worked with many different makes and models of cameras. I also care deeply about helping people advance in their photography skills. All questions are welcome. There is no such thing as a “stupid question.” The way I look at it, we are ALL students of photography, even the teacher.

I look forward to helping YOU with your photography learning!

Offering a variety of online photography classes for all levels from beginner to advanced. Hosted by pro photographer Kevin Gourley.